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The Ethiopian Journal of Sciences and Sustainable Development (EJSSD) is a blind reviewed Journal published twice a year by ASTU. The EJSSD is cross-disciplinary in nature. The journal is the place for exchange of information and research results that describe significant advances in field of Engineering, Science, Technology, Business, Education, Humanities and Law, Agriculture and Health and sustainable development.

The EJSSD is committed to:  

  • Publish original research and review articles and short communications
  • Serve as a communication medium among professionals, researchers and practitioners, and
  • Initiate researchers to focus on community oriented issues that contribute for the sustainable development in the region (Ethiopia).  

Articles for EJSSD can be authored either individually or in group. Submission of a manuscript represents that the manuscript is original contributions, has not been published previously and is not considered for publication elsewhere. All papers are refereed, and the Editor-in-Chief reserves the right to refuse any manuscript including desk rejection particularly if the manuscript submitted is not as per the guideline, and to make suggestions and/or modifications before publication. 

Manuscript Review: The editor will acknowledge receipt of manuscripts and send copies of manuscripts to reviewers. Authors will be contacted after the review process, which generally takes 45 days. The review process considers the originality of the work, relationship to literature, appropriateness of the methodology (i.e. built on an appropriate base of theory, concepts, or other ideas), results and conclusions, the implications for the research, practice and/or society and quality of communication. 

Contents Of EJSSD:

Research Articles 

All subject paradigms in Engineering, Science, Technology, Business, Humanities and Social Sciences. Review Articles Review articles related to the area of Science and social Development are welcome. The review articles should cover the current advancement in all subject areas. It should be 2000 to 4000 words. 

Short Communications 

This category is intended for brief scientific notes including preliminary results, scientific observations, experimental techniques and recent technological advances in both Science and Social Development. Information on indigenous knowledge and practice will also be made known to community through this column. The manuscript for this column should not be more than 4 typed pages. They should have abstract and do not contain more than two figures or tables. 

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