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Adama Science and Technology University The 3rd International Research Symposium on Emerging Technologies and Energy for Sustainable Development May 9 – 11, 2019 Adama Science and Technology University is pleased to announce its 3rd International Research Symposium on Emerging Technologies and Energy for Sustainable Development from May 9 – 11, 2019 at Adama Ethiopia. The Symposium Serves as Platform for National and International Scholars and Researchers in the Field of Science and Technology to Share Scientific Knowledge and Create Strong Research Collaboration Themes of the Symposium Manufacturing - ¬Agro-processing - Chemical and Pharmaceuticals - Agricultural machineries - Steel - Leather and Textile Industrial Park - Industrial Policy and Management - Challenges and prospects of Industrial Park - Industrial Waste Management, - Technology management Smart Materials and Technology - Nanotechnology - Biotechnology - Communication - Artificial intelligence - Advanced materials Infrastructure and Construction - ICT - Road and Railway - Housing - Transportation - Construction materials and Technology Energy - Green Energy - Energy Efficiency - Energy storage Computational sciences • Digital Economy and Cyber Security • Computer Vision and Robotics • Smart Software Systems • Big Data and Cloud Computing • Statistical and mathematical Modeling Environment & Natural resources - Waste management technologies - Water resource management technologies - Mining and mining technologies - Indigenous knowledge for natural resource management Social Development - Politics of Energy Production & Technology Adaptation, - Ethics of Technology, - Socio Cultural Context of Technology,

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  • Research in science and technology can play a leading role in the overall economic transformation of a country.
  • Adama Science and Technology University as a science and technology university with the mandate of conducting problem driven researches and transferring  best technologies could be taken 

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