Technological Determinism versus Social Determinism, a Critical discussion

  • Daniel Tessema
Keywords: technology, technological determinism, social determinism, social constructivism


Technology influences the way human beings connect with the outside world in their day-to-day businesses. Adopting new technologies can offer opportunities. It, also, poses threats. In the last many years it has been attempted to understand the very sophisticated relationship between society and technology. There is a belief that technology develops independently and that development in technology follows a somewhat linear order. Putting an emphasis on socio-cultural factors that have a role in technological development, some theorists become reluctant to claim that technology mainly determines society. The author of this paper is motivated to look at the issue of technology from philosophical perspective. Thus, this paper is intended to critically discuss the philosophical theory of technological determinism against social determinism, the two conflicting schools of thought in philosophy, and then open a room for further investigation/debate by researchers. Qualitative research method has been used. It used critical discussion as a tool. Literatures in the topic have been used so as to make a relatively comprehensive discussion. The finding of the literatures reviewed shows that the debate between the two schools has no end. The paper contributes to showing the unsettled debate between the two schools and summarizes by recommending further investigation.



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Tessema, D. (2021). Technological Determinism versus Social Determinism, a Critical discussion. Ethiopian Journal of Science and Sustainable Development, 8(2), 65-72.