Assessment of Service Quality and Customers’ Satisfaction in Addis Ababa Light Rail Transit

  • Belayneh Z Bogale Kotebe Metropolitan University
  • Eskedar Gizat Staff of Kotebe Metropolitan University, Faculty of Business and Economics, and PhD student at Addis Ababa University
Keywords: services, quality, customer satisfaction, light rail and SERVPREF


The issue of urban mass transportation is becoming the center of cities' sustainable development and revitalization strategies. Hence, conducting a scientific inquiry into customers' satisfaction and service quality in urban light rail transport is vital to make policies and intervention measures instrumental and valid. The purpose of the study was to assess service quality and customer satisfaction in urban transport service delivery with particular reference to Addis Ababa City Light Rail Transit. To this end, the service performance (SERVPERF) model has been adapted and utilized as measurement constructs and a quantitative approach has been employed. The study was a descriptive and explanatory type involving the analysis of data collected through questionnaires from passengers of the Light Rail Transit. To analyze background information of respondents and their perception of service quality, descriptive statistics were applied. Besides, the study has utilized correlation and regression analysis. The finding of the study shows that the customers are moderately satisfied with assurance and responsiveness while they are dissatisfied with affordability, tangibility, reliability, and empathy. The correlation analysis of service quality dimensions (tangibility, reliability, responsiveness, assurance, empathy, and affordability) has shown, they all are positively correlated to overall service quality. Besides, all service quality dimensions have a significant effect on customer satisfaction implying that the higher the quality of service, the higher is the level of customers' satisfaction. In light of this, it is recommended that Addis Ababa light rail transit can improve customers’ satisfaction by working on quality.

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Bogale, B., & Gizat, E. (2021). Assessment of Service Quality and Customers’ Satisfaction in Addis Ababa Light Rail Transit. Ethiopian Journal of Science and Sustainable Development, 8(2), 47-55.