Analyzing Faculty Publication Trends and Academic Rank Attainment: Haramaya University in the Spotlight

Keywords: Academic rank, Haramaya University, Faculty, Publication trends, Staff promotion


This study explores into the evolving landscape of faculty publication and academic rank attainment at Haramaya University. A comprehensive analysis was conducted, aligning the university's faculty promotion criteria with the recent Ministry of Education (MoE) standard, with a specific focus on research output. The research methodology comprised a meticulous examination of university records/archival research, including minutes documented by the university's appointment, promotion, and scholarship committee. In addition, the study enriched its insights through in-depth interviews with faculty members. The investigation explored academic promotion, gender dynamics, and the differentiation between native and expatriate faculty. The findings underscored certain disparities, particularly in terms of fields of study, nationality, and gender. A notable discrepancy was observed, with a higher proportion of male faculty members attaining promotions, a phenomenon more pronounced at elevated academic ranks such as Associate Professor and Full Professor. To address these disparities and nurture a more inclusive research environment, Haramaya university promotion policy may partially help as most of the values is given to publication, which was already fixed by the guideline prepared by Ethiopian MoE. A call for transparent promotion standards, robust mentorship programs, and focused support for women in research and leadership roles emerge as a means to bridge the gender gap in staff promotions. Furthermore, additional research and analysis must be undertaken to attain a more profound understanding of the factors influencing publishing trends, facilitate staff promotions, and ultimately advance the promotion of academic excellence.

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Hunduma, C., Mekuria, Y., Abera, S., & Wedajo, G. (2024). Analyzing Faculty Publication Trends and Academic Rank Attainment: Haramaya University in the Spotlight. Ethiopian Journal of Science and Sustainable Development, 11(1), 30-41.