After Effect of Pump Supply Disruption

  • Niguss Haregot Hatsey Mekelle University, Ethiopian Institute of Technology-Mekelle
Keywords: Supply Delay, Submersible Pump, Downtime, Economic Loss.


The aim of this study is to investigate on the aftereffect of pump supply disruption in ground water irrigation in Northern Ethiopia. Failure is inevitable and the failure of a submersible pump, critical equipment in irrigation infrastructure, is considerably high according to the survey conducted. In the other side, there is also uneven pump supply. A survey is conducted in 16 sample drilled wells (DWs) to reveal the losses after pump supply delay. According to the survey, the downtime delay is the aggregation of purchasing order process delay, transportation delay and replacement/installation delay. Discrete time probability distribution function is used to estimate the economic loss of the aftereffect by determining the cost, production volume and profit of the irrigation business using triangular probability distribution functions. The downtime delay is analyzed under the discrete time of 1 week downtime, 2 weeks downtime, 3 weeks downtime, and greater than 3 weeks downtime horizon. Finally, the study ascertains that downtime in ground water irrigation results in sizable economic losses like yield loss, total vegetables/crops loss, and opportunity cost. When the downtime duration extends, the loss upturns radically. For instance, if the downtime duration extends from 1 week to 3 weeks, the expected monetary loss might increase in 10 folds.  

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Hatsey, N. (2019). After Effect of Pump Supply Disruption. Ethiopian Journal of Sciences and Sustainable Development, 6(2), 15 - 21.