Indigenous Knowledge vis-à-vis Development: The Potential of Gadaa System in Industrial Leadership Development

  • Hailu Beyecha Deti ASTU
  • Kassaye Gutema Jebessa
Keywords: Indigenous knowledge, Gadaa system, Gadaa leadership, leadership development, industrial management


The main purpose of this study was to scrutinize techniques in Gadaa system that helped to sustain leadership development of the Oromo Society and its implication for industrial leadership development. The study was conducted using qualitative research method and exploratory research design. Accordingly, data of leadership development practices in the Gadaa system were gathered from key informants through focus group discussion, key informant interviews and non-participant observation. The data were analyzed thematically. The study revealed that there were different strategies within the Gadaa system that helped to nurture the leaders perpetually so that they can manage the society and their resources properly. Gadaa system has got different leadership development techniques such as traditional education, training, experience sharing, observation, practicing and creating a sense of competition among individuals. The Gadaa system encompasses different institutions such as centers, parties, grades and structures of Gadaa system that enabled the society to deal with various challenges, ensure good governance and enhance efficiency in management. Moreover, the study revealed that the Gadaa system has got check and balance system that is undertaken in both the forward and backward directions. Thus, the researchers would like to suggest that the proposed technique of Gadaa system could have a bearing on the improvement of work environment and thus it could potentially be used in tandem with modern day industrial leadership development techniques. Therefore, the government and concerned stakeholders should customize the important technique of Gadaa system with regard to industrial leadership development for ensuring good governance and shaping the behavior of workforce in carrying out their roles and responsibilities properly.

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Deti, H., & Jebessa, K. (2021). Indigenous Knowledge vis-à-vis Development: The Potential of Gadaa System in Industrial Leadership Development. Ethiopian Journal of Science and Sustainable Development, 9(1), 10-18.